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The following information is the 2016 trade we will be update all current information as soon as confirmed.

We welcome enquiries from anyone interested in booking a food or market stall, or a trade stand at the Wellsford Country Show.
2016 Stallholder Information

Booking Form 2016.pdf (PDF — 316 KB)
Saturday 19 November 2016. 
Centennial Park Showgrounds, Wellsford
Postal address:       
Wellsford Country Show, PO Box 19, Wellsford 0940
Types of Stand Available

Community Groups - no gate passes:         
Non profit stall or display only                          Free
profit stall or activity                                         $10

Farmers Market Stall (Netball Courts)             $10

Market stand - 3m frontage                              $25
Market stand - 3m frontage with power            $40
Commercial stand - 3m frontage                      $50
Commercial stand - 3m frontage with power    $70
Trade stand - 6m frontage                                $80
Trade stand - 6m frontage with power            $100
Extra frontage available - @ $10 per m
Payments can be made by cheque, cash or internet banking as detailed on the booking form.
Booking forms received after one week prior to the show will incur a $20 late fee and will only be accepted if there is available space and requirement. 
email or phone for a booking form
or more information
Terms & Conditions
·        The show will go on, rain or shine.
·        The grounds will be open from 7am on the day of the show for set up.     All displays and stalls are to be set up before 9:30am and cars removed from the area to stallholder parking.
·        If you require power, please supply your own extension lead with no joins, maximum of 15 amps.
·        Sites will be allocated by the organisers of the show, and stalls will only be accepted if they are considered suitable, appropriate and necessary by the show organisers and if space is available. No changes are to be made without prior approval from show organisers.
·        Refunds will be issued less 20% if received within 14 days of the show, after this no refunds will be issued. No refunds for $10 sites
·        Trade, market and food stall holders will be issued with two site passes.  Other passes are able to be purchased for entry.
Health & Safety Checklist
·        All exhibitors must make every reasonable attempt to avoid exposing themselves or others to unsafe situations that could lead to injury.
·        Exhibitors must comply with any reasonable request of the organisers of the Wellsford Country Show.
·        Exhibitors must make themselves familiar with the Emergency Information and Emergency Assembly Points located within the grounds.
·        Fire fighting and other emergency equipment must not be removed or used for any other purpose.
·        Exhibitors must notify the Wellsford Country Show organisers immediately if any hazards are noted or incidents occur.
·        All waste, including liquids, must be disposed of responsibly. Storm drains must not be used for waste disposal.
·        All areas must be kept in clean and tidy order with clear access and exit routes at all times. Build-up of combustible waste must be avoided.
·        Care must be taken to minimise trip hazards and obstacles that people may walk into.
·        Smoking is not permitted inside buildings or around combustibles.
·        All livestock must be kept suitably restrained for public safety.
·        All food and beverages sold must comply with safety standards.
·        Exhibitors must supply their own Residual Current Device at each power outlet.
·        All appliances must be earthed or double insulated and in good working order.
·        The use of double adaptors is prohibited.
·        Power boards must be fitted with current overload protection.
·        All electrical leads and equipment should have a current safety tag.
·        Stall holders to ensure all cords, plugs and fittings are safe, secure and out of the way of people and water.
·        I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the Wellsford Country Show and as a stall holder at the Wellsford Country Show 2014, I agree to the above requirements, and also to take any reasonable steps to ensure the safety of myself and others.

General Enquires - Lynette - 021 1168437
Farmers Market Enquires - Stef - 021 954241 


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